Katie Price to auction her breast implants

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Katie Price recently went under the knife, according to Breast Implants Perth, and had her implants removed. The latest breast surgery has reduced her breast size from 32FF, to a much more natural size of 32B; of which was actually her original breast size. She shared pictures of her breast implants on Instagram, and she apparently plans on auctioning the implants for charity.

Kim K’s platinum makeover

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And a flashback Friday pic of Kim’s hairline in 2007, which looks VERY different… *** Kim Kardashian West decided to take Paris Fashion Week by the balls, using the Balmain Paris show as an excuse to debut an all new … Continued

What was the reason behind the cancellation of the divorce between Megan Fox and Austin Green?

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Some publications, online blogs and articles had been speculating that the couple had gotten together again when they had been seen in one anther’s company recently, after their divorce more than a year ago in 2015. According to Perth Divorce Lawyers, getting back together after divorce is becoming more common. The well-known couple had established this to be true after Megan Fox fell pregnant with hers and Austin Green’s third baby which really had the tongues wagging.

Change your life with hair extensions

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Do you ever wish you had longer, blonder, thicker or more textured hair? Well, the good news is that, now you can have the hair you have always wished for with minimal effort. This can be achieved by using hair extensions. You can add hair extensions to lengthen your hair, add more volume to your hair, and you can use extensions to try out new looks, and achieve looks which are not possible with your own natural hair. This amazing versatility is what has made hair extensions so popular, and has changed so many people’s lives.

What’s up with Iggy?

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Iggy has quit social media and is now postponing her Great Escape tour until September, but why is this all happening? Since she decided to push back her first arena tour from April to September, there has been much speculation as … Continued

The guide to better skin

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Have you got a friend who has the most incredibly clear skin? You know, the girl who has never had a pimple in her life? I bet you do, because we all have one. And if you want that complexion for yourself, it’s your lucky day! Recently I had the chance to speak with Dr Guy Watts about cosmetic skin treatments and Olivia Nikoski.

Olivia has suffered with bad skin for years and swears by this program for all skin types. The ebook features fantastic lifestyle tips that help you improve your skin, as well as delicious and easy recipes to start things from the inside, and recommended Kosmea products (she’s their business manager) to use on your skin.

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