So your boobs are lumpy and sore?!

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Our health editor Pip tells us what’s going on with your rack. *** Chances are, it’s cos you’ve got PMS – sore lumpy breasts affect 30-40% of menstruating women although almost all women report some degree of tenderness during their … Continued

Should you stop wearing a bra?

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We know the boys would love it, but it turns out this whole hoo ha about sagging might be overrated. *** When you hear that a French man has conducted a study on breast perkiness it’s easy to assume there are ulterior … Continued

The Pill gave me a blood clot

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WARNING: Before you start reading, I just want to let you know this is my story told with my own interpretation of events. You might not agree with it, and that’s fine. I’m not telling you to go off the … Continued