Falling for FRANK

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FRANK asked me to get naked, dirty, rough and clean… and FRANK sure did deliver. Like most men he talked himself up, how he could fix things like cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne. Like most women, I doubted him. But after using FRANK for over a week now, I can definitely see a difference in my skin.

I’ve had a severe case of eczema for over ten years and not much has helped with the scarring. After applying FRANK Cacao Coffee Scrub (the purple packet) three times I can see a reduction in the redness and raise of the scarring and my skin feels softer than it has ever before. Oh and FRANK smells so irresistible, like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but be sure not to eat him!

FRANK is made of natural ingredients and they don’t test on any animals, so feel guilt free while you apply him. It’s best to get dirty in the shower with FRANK, he tends to make a mess if you’re not careful. Make sure you’ve hopped in the shower for a few seconds so that your skin is damp. Grab a scoop and start rubbing the scrub in circular motions, concentrating on any areas of concern. For example I use a little more scrub on the skin affected by eczema and I take my time with the circles. FRANK wants to linger on your skin for a good 5-10 minutes (which is totally fine by me), so all his ingredients can do what they’re supposed to do. Make sure you’ve turned off the water while you rub FRANK in, you won’t accidentally rinse of the scrub and you’re saving water!

Rinse FRANK off, and if you please use a light body wash to avoid oily skin. Hop out of the shower, dry off and feel that beautiful soft skin.

Oh and if you have irritable skin, FRANK wants you to do a patch test… what a thoughtful guy. I think I’m in love with FRANK.

The body scrubs that are on offer target different things, so check out the range here. They range from $14.95 to $17.95. A pretty reasonable price for the results if you ask me.

Be sure to check out FRANK’s Instagram and Facebook if you still aren’t convinced.