Katie Price to auction her breast implants

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Katie Price is auctioning her breast implants

Katie Price recently went under the knife, according to Breast Implants Perth, and had her implants removed.. The latest breast surgery has reduced her breast size from 32FF, to a much more natural size of 32B; of which was actually her original breast size. She shared pictures of her breast implants on Instagram, and she apparently plans on auctioning the implants for charity.

Katie documented her recent trip to the popular Be Clinic, which specializes in quality surgeries like face lifts and breast augmentation. Prior to having the surgery done at the Be Clinic, Katie Price had said that she was feeling nervous. She had shared a fresh faced selfie on Instagram along with a note telling her followers that she was feeling tired and was nervous. However, she did not reveal any further details as to why she was feeling nervous, although, the posts which later followed on her Instagram feed hinted that she was undergoing another breast surgery. She later on posted a photo of breast implants which were lying on the table, and then added a caption saying, “Successful,” along with 2 smiley face emojis. She concluded her Instagram posts by adding a photo of her radiant ,smiling face, and she wrote; “Wooo hooo! finally, mission completed”

In April, Katie Price shared a post on Twitter where she revealed that she was planning to auction her old breast implants for the price of £1,000,000. Katie Price who has undergone breast surgery a whopping 8 times, had previously shared a picture of herself holding up the breast implants which she had removed at Be Clinic last year. Katie captioned the picture; "My breast implants are 1050 cc, £ 1,000 000 email kpimplants@hotmail.com in order to buy..!" She added that if you happen to win the breast implant auction, you will get her old boobs, and also get to actually meet her in person. In the post, she said that, you will get to meet and greet her, and collect the implants from her house.

Katie had declared herself a 32B breast size when she first came to the limelight under the name Jordan. She was 18 years of age at the time, and she went on to increase her bust size to 32D the following year. She underwent more breast surgeries and increased her bust size to 32DD and then took herself to G cup in the year 2000. She continued with her endless quest for bigger breasts, and in the year 2004, she had her breasts increased to 32GG. However, after marrying Peter Andre in the year 2005, Katie became very disillusioned with her bust size and went on a mission to reduce her breast size. She has since undergone 7 surgeries, with the most recent surgery being the 8th one.