Makeup brushes worth buying

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We’ve tried and tested the most expensive to the cheapest and here’s what’s worth forking over for.

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My dear Pinkettes, I must sincerely apologise… Here I’ve been rambling on about the best makeup products with little to no mention of the very things we use to apply them with… BRUSHES! This is where I would normally blame it on modelling depleting my brain cells, however, due to having many model readers, I shall refrain from doing so! Instead, I shall blame it on my beauty product obsession and make it up to you with this witty yet informative BRUSH101 post!

As important as the right foundations, bronzers, eyeliners and eye shadows may be, they are nothing without the right applicators. Cheap and coarse bristled brushes can often irritate sensitive skin and leave makeup looking unblended. Natural-haired brushes often lead to more natural results, however, they are not vegan-friendly. There are many things to consider before investing in a good set of makeup brushes, but before I offer you some strong contenders, ask yourselves the following questions:

How much am I willing to spend?

Am I interested in natural-hair or synthetic bristle brushes?

Do I really need a 26 piece brush set?

Would I prefer to purchase them online or in store?

Will I commit to cleaning my brushes on a regular basis? 

Now that you’ve got a fairly strong idea of your price bracket, ethical standing and purchase preference, let me present you with some of my favourite brush brands and sets!

Rae Morris ‘Personal set’

For the non-vegan who doesn’t mind spending!