What was the reason behind the cancellation of the divorce between Megan Fox and Austin Green?

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Some publications, online blogs and articles had been speculating that the couple had gotten together again when they had been seen in one anther's company recently, after their divorce more than a year ago in 2015. According to Perth Divorce Lawyers, getting back together after divorce is becoming more common. The well-known couple had established this to be true after Megan Fox fell pregnant with hers and Austin Green's third baby which really had the tongues wagging. It had been widely reported that the lovebirds decided to get back together and this after they had announced their divorce more than a year before. They spoke about working through their issues when they were reporters found them getting close and personal recently.

Seeing that Megan Fox was the source of main income for her household while the two were still married, she had to pay spousal support to her former husband, Austin Green, when they got divorced. He had been suffering from vertigo for an unknown period of time, which meant he was not able to work and provide for himself at all much less their two children. This also meant that Megan Fox had to support him even if they were not married anymore. Whether this could be part of the reason for their reconciliation, nobody is saying. What we can do however, is speculate.

It is suspected and gossiped about in every tabloid imaginable that they fell back in love while they were on vacation in Hawaii without their kids but apart from the Hawaii trip they enjoyed together, they have been seen in one anther's company without the kids quite regularly by various informants indicating to the regular bystander that they may just be interested in each other again, plain and simple. The reason that they gave for getting back together when asked is that they wanted the children to have their mother and father present all of the time, that they do not want their kids to be part of a broken family but we still have reason to wonder if that is the whole truth after we had observed them with each other. They still seem that they care about one another a lot. It is quite obvious that the outings and trips together had succeeded in bringing the couple back together. Whether this is a lasting relationship or not, remains to be seen.