The guide to better skin

Have you got a friend who has the most incredibly clear skin? You know, the girl who has never had a pimple in her life? I bet you do, because we all have one. And if you want that complexion for yourself, it’s your lucky day! Recently I had the chance to speak with Dr Guy Watts about cosmetic skin treatments and Olivia Nikoski. Olivia has suffered with bad skin for years and swears by this program for all skin types. The ebook features fantastic lifestyle tips that help you improve your skin, as well as delicious and easy recipes to start things from the inside, and recommended Kosmea products (she’s their business manager) to use on your skin.

Natural skincare

Is it really that good for you? Carlie finds out… *** Lucky me got to chat with Sabrina, owner and creator of Teeth Whitening Perth and Flora Organica, the one-year young online beauty store for natural and organic skin and … Continued