The guide to better skin

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If you want clearer skin, this is the program that’s going to get you there

Have you got a friend who has the most incredibly clear skin? You know, the girl who has never had a pimple in her life? I bet you do, because we all have one. And if you want that complexion for yourself, it’s your lucky day! Recently I had the chance to speak with Dr Guy Watts about cosmetic skin treatments and Olivia Nikoski.

Olivia has suffered with bad skin for years and swears by this program for all skin types. The ebook features fantastic lifestyle tips that help you improve your skin, as well as delicious and easy recipes to start things from the inside, and recommended Kosmea products (she’s their business manager) to use on your skin.

Here, Olivia tells us non-super human folk how we can get rid of those pimples that always seem to pop up right before we’re meant to go out…

So, firstly tell me how the ebook came about?

Well I was thinking about my clear skin journey, and then I was thinking about how many individuals I meet who say to me, ‘My skin is awful! What should I use?!’ I believe it’s not completely about what you use, but it’s also about what you are doing. I wanted to educate people about how important proper nutrition and lifestyle is to the quality of their skin. I presented the idea of an eBook to the board one day and, as they say, the rest is history!

So you talk about proper nutrition – how important is it to have a balanced diet to improve skin quality?

A balanced diet is extremely important when it comes to skin quality. We (as females) tend to focus on what a bad diet will do to our tummy/thighs/hips/arms rather than what effects it will have on our skin. What we forget is that our skin is the biggest organ in the body – it is filled with millions and millions of cells. If our diet is poor, this will show up through our skin before it does on our body.

There are a few ‘rules’ we need to abide by during the program such as eight glasses of water and exercising for 30 minutes every day. If I miss a work out or forget my 8 glasses a day, am I going to have huge setbacks?

The Clear Skin Project program is about harmony and balance within our life. Slip ups happen – we’re only human after all! Sure, sneaking in an extra coffee for one day won’t give you a face full of acne, but doing this every day will put a strain on your liver and therefore put an extra strain on your digestive system, therefore not allowing your body to eliminate toxins properly. It is a domino effect; each rule has been designed to make your skin clearer in the easiest way possible.

The whole project seems to be a mind, body and soul ‘revamp’ – I love this! Do you think this holistic approach is how we can achieve the best results with our skin?

I’m so glad you like this! It makes a world of difference when undertaking a life style change to be happy within yourself. I believe it is very important to be healthy on the inside so that it can reflect on the outside. In the Clear Skin Project, we also explain how stress can affect our skin. If you are happy within your mind, body and soul, stress won’t have such a major effect.

You recommend good Feng Shui. How will this affect me during the program?

I have found existing in a beautiful space and practising good Feng Shui space makes me feel happy. We underestimate the amount of time and energy we spend in certain spaces (bedroom, kitchen, work/study space). If these spaces do not make us happy or (even worse) fill our mind with negative energy, this will show in our actions and in our choices. We tend to feel anxious in a space that is not comfortable, and as we know anxiety is a big stress factor. By improving this we are one step closer to a stress-free and happy lifestyle. The principals of Feng Shui are also very important in ensuring positive energy is flowing through to us. Our spaces should be set up to allow a constant flow of positive energy. I have implemented these principals to all my spaces and I have felt a world of difference. I definitely recommend trying it!

The ebook has lots of great recipes. What are your favourite skin clearing meals/ingredients?

My favourite skin clearing ingredient is blueberries, hands down. They are jam packed with antioxidants which are essential for healthy skin. I love having them in my smoothies, as a