The Nail Colours You Need this Autumn

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I mean, what else can get you excited when it’s as cold as Kirsten Stewart’s facial expressions?

You can honestly feel the change in the weather in the early hours of the morning from, “Oh hell, today is gonna be a scorcher” to “Crap, maybe I better bring a cardigan…” It’s crazy! With the cooler season already upon us comes a whole new range of colours to choose from in our wardrobes and, luckily, our nail pallets!

Considering we are incredibly into our nails here at FP, I put together five colours you pretty much must try to get you through this autumn.


OPI ~ Berlin There Done That


There are a few reasons why you definitely need this in your autumn nail list – one definitely being that the name is so relevant to a 20 somethings life, right? Okay serious reasons being that the colour is a nice twist on the traditional black or white. It is very simple but also cute enough to make a statement.

Sally Hansen ~ 110 – Birthday Suit


As the name states, this is a nice simple nude. This particular nude differs from others on the market because it’s less of a yellow nude and more of a grey nude. The other major plus of this one? It’s part of the Sally Hansen miracle gel range, meaning that your at home shellac mani lasts longer than the typical polish.

Ulta 3 ~ Mulberry


This is the most affordable polish and lasts longer than you think it will! The colour is a beautiful deep purple, which complements most outfits that you’ll be wearing over winter.

Sally Hansen ~ 160 – Shall We Dance


A classic light pink nude is an essential in our eyes. This particular pink/nude is PERFECT for the sophisticated style that comes with the change into cooler weather. Plus, Sally Hansen always lasts, hence why we’ve invested in a couple from the range.