A Comprehensive Full-Body Workout with Barbells

Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle has become the need of an hour in the hustle-bustle of Sydney. Regular workout sessions and professional fitness training can make a huge difference. Whether you want to stay fit, achieve a mental well-being or lose extra pounds, full-body exercises can yield the best results. However, most people don’t get time to hit the gym. So, the best way to stay consistent is setting up a gym at home, and barbells are the most versatile equipment to invest in. According to many fitness trainers, mastering the art of barbells can help achieve strength gains. So, if you are passionate about your fitness, read this guide and incorporate full-body exercises using only barbells.   Let’s Get Started!  

Understanding the Benefits of Barbells

Before getting into the workout sessions, let’s first understand the benefits of barbells for strength training. It offers the following benefits:
  • Super Versatile: A barbell and a set of weights can be used to perform full-body workout, targeting back, shoulders, thighs, arms, etc.
  • Increases Balance: Unlike dumbbells, barbells offer stability during compound movements. This enables you to lift heavier weights quite easily.
  • Efficient: You can include multiple muscle groups with workouts like deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

Full-body workout tips using Barbells

Below are some of the most effective workout tips to help you build muscles using barbells:

1. Squats to Strengthening Lower Body

Do 3 sets of 8-10 reps when using barbells for squats. It helps you target glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and core muscles. The right technique: Stand straight and keep your feel parallel to your shoulders. Position the bar on your upper back. Follow the grip and hold it tightly. This will help you hold the barbell easily. Now, engage your core and breathe in while stabilising your spine. This will protect your lower back. Put your chest out and focus on pushing your hips back and bend your knees. Use the barbell weight when you squat and strengthen your lower body muscles.

2. Deadlifts to Build Overall Strength

Deadlifts are also a great way to strengthen muscle groups of your body. It also targets hamstrings, core, glutes and lower back. Technique: Stand with feet hip-width apart as the barbell lie on the floor. Hinge at your hips and gently bend knees to lift the bar. Keep your back straight when lifting it. Do at least  8 reps in each set (3 sets are enough). If you want to look best in work attire, focus on your lower body strength training, and deadlifts are considered the most powerful and versatile workouts.

3. Bench Press

This is one of the best upper body workouts. It basically targets triceps, chest and shoulders muscles. Technique: Lie straight on a bench while keeping your toes firmly on the toes. Grip the bar wider than shoulder-width apart. Take the bar to the check and press it back. Go 2 sets of 8 reps.

4. Bent-Over Rows

This particular exercise strengthens rear shoulders, back and biceps muscles. It is good to stand with you feet hip-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Tighten your hips muscles and keep the back straight. Now, hold the barbell and pull it towards the lower chest and lower it back down. Do 8-10 reps in 3 sets to achieve best results. Regular workout sessions can boost your mental health and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Wrapping up

These are some of the most effective full-body workout tips that you can perform using barbells. Whether you are at the gym or bought barbells for home, make sure you keep the safety tips in mind and start with slow and controlled movements.

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