Falling for FRANK

FRANK asked me to get naked, dirty, rough and clean… and FRANK sure did deliver. Like most men he talked himself up, how he could fix things like cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne. Like most women, … Continued

Change your life with hair extensions

Do you ever wish you had longer, blonder, thicker or more textured hair? Well, the good news is that, now you can have the hair you have always wished for with minimal effort. This can be achieved by using hair extensions. You can add hair extensions to lengthen your hair, add more volume to your hair, and you can use extensions to try out new looks, and achieve looks which are not possible with your own natural hair. This amazing versatility is what has made hair extensions so popular, and has changed so many people's lives.

What was the reason behind the cancellation of the divorce between Megan Fox and Austin Green?

Some publications, online blogs and articles had been speculating that the couple had gotten together again when they had been seen in one anther's company recently, after their divorce more than a year ago in 2015. According to Perth Divorce Lawyers, getting back together after divorce is becoming more common. The well-known couple had established this to be true after Megan Fox fell pregnant with hers and Austin Green's third baby which really had the tongues wagging.