Key Factors to Remember When Buying an Existing Business

Do you want to be your own boss and fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams? However, starting a business from scratch involves potential risk factors and unforeseen challenges. If you are on low overhead costs or need an innovative idea, consider buying an existing business in Sydney.

Many budding entrepreneurs prefer purchasing a well-established business that comes with goodwill, proven operational systems, a robust customer base and tried and tested marketing strategies.

There is no denying that this opportunity is more viable as compared to a startup. Though the initial investment is higher in buying an existing business, remember that it can help you generate revenue quickly- thanks to the existing customer base. So, what are you looking for! Find your passion by owning an existing business in the hotspots of NSW.

Today, we will share some of the key factors to consider when purchasing an established business.

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1. Consider the Type of Business Suitable for You

Choosing the right type of pre-existing business plays a crucial role in determining the success of your entrepreneurial journey. Make sure that the concept of the business matches your idea, requirement and of course your professional experience.

If you have ever worked in any retail store, you can think of starting an ecommerce business from scratch.  Similarly, buying a business should reflect your goals, skills and qualifications to make the most out of it.

You must prepare yourself to live a different lifestyle as a business owner. You will be the controlling authority who will be responsible for good as well as bad decisions.

Whether you want to own a restaurant or do a home-based business, decide after assessing your specific requirements and passion for work.

2. Do a Proper Research about Shortlisted Business

Once you have understood your requirements, it is the best time to discover everything about businesses which you have shortlisted. Prioritise the list and begin with the due diligence process for each company.

In this phase, gather their financial, performance and historical data before making a well-informed decision. Consider the:

  • Years of Establishment
  • Profitable percentage
  • Performance insights
  • Financial statements
  • Lease contracts
  • Text returns

Remember that research is one of the pivotal aspects when searching for the best businesses for sale in Sydney, NSW. So, clear all your doubts by interacting with the current business owner and make a right buying decision.

3. Determine the Business Value

A well-established business is usually available for sale with a price tag. However, it is not a good decision to buy anything on face value. Instead, hire a corporate lawyer who can evaluate the existing business and help calculate its right price.

Do not forget to check the financial statements of the business with the help of your accountant. This will help you know what is included in the sale and what will be excluded during the purchase. Also, enquire about existing debts and outstanding payments to vendors.

Also, interview the existing employees and ensure whether they will be staying after the change of the ownership or not. These small things can make a huge difference and give you peace of mind.

4. Know the Existing Customer Base

The success of any business depends on their marketing strategies and robust customer base. When buying a business, make sure you check their current customer base and clients through their sales.

Also, know the goodwill of the company and how customers perceive it. If you determine the cash flow in an organisation, it will help you make the most out of your decision.

The best part about this concept is that you will get proven systems with well-established marketing strategies and a long-list of existing customers. It will help you sustain the profits for longer while grabbing attention of new customers.

5. Negotiate the Final Pricing

Once you are done with research part and have decided to buy a business, make sure you negotiate the final price. It is because the upfront cost is higher and you may need to secure funds.

Also, prepare yourself for unpredictable challenges in the beginning when buying the business processes. The best part is that the existing business owner and the team can help you face the problem, but keep your financial resources on track to attain your targeted goals.

6. Check the Sales Agreement

Don’t forget to miss out this important aspect after choosing your desired business model. The seller will give you the sales contract. Make sure you check the terms and conditions twice with your lawyer before signing the agreement.

After completing all the legal formalities, the seller will hand over the business and you are ready to kick-start your journey as a successful entrepreneur.

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When you are searching for the right business opportunity in Sydney, NSW, you will have to consider these factors and make a well informed decision. So, pay attention to effective evaluation and ensure you are heading towards your entrepreneurial goals.

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