Tips and Tricks to Look Your Best in Work Attire

To create the best impression possible, being well-dressed at work is necessary. 

Gone are the days when you could wear an oversized shirt and trousers, and the job was done. Dressing sloppy is not an option anymore. Being well-dressed boosts your confidence, which carries over to the hard work you do at the office. For this reason, you need to know the basics of style and fashion and how to create the best possible outfit suitable for the workplace. 

By no means dressing well is difficult. You just have to analyse the kind of place you work in and how you can meet the requirements without going too far. Once you can do that, you will inspire others to do the same. 

Let’s look at tips to help you look your best at work.

Know the Dress Code of your Office

The dress code at your workplace can be anything from casual to business casual to formal. 

It depends on the industry you work in and your designation. For example, you won’t see the CEO of any company wear casual clothes. They are almost always wearing suits. 

However, most junior employees aren’t allowed to wear blazers unless the dress code is strictly formal. That’s why you should figure out the dress code at your workplace. The best way to do this is just to ask around. 

Once you know it, try different combinations to see which ones look the best and are suitable for the office. And then build your wardrobe around those pieces.

Focus on the Fit

A decade ago, the best work attire was the one with loose fitting. But times have changed, and so is the type of fit preferred by well-dressed professionals. Now, relaxed-fit clothing is considered sloppy, while wearing more tailored-fit clothing is considered the best way to dress. 

But don’t take it too far by wearing tight pieces. It should be comfortable, adequate for your body type, and must promote freedom of movement. Let the tailor take your measurements and alter all your clothes accordingly. 

Avoid Trendy Clothing and Choose Timeless Pieces 

There’s nothing wrong with staying updated on trends and wearing bold clothing. 

However, there are better places to show off your fashion sense than the office. Even if the trending item is formal, it’s unsuitable for the workplace. For instance, wearing a red or green suit will never be considered professional. 

However, timeless clothing like navy/grey suits and white/blue dress shirts will always stay in style, making you look professional. The best outfit is the one that isn’t screaming for attention, and classic items like patternless shirts are just like that. 

Plus, they are versatile, durable, and suitable for multiple occasions. Ensure that 80% of your wardrobe consists of such pieces, and you’ll always look put together.

Invest in Quality

Nothing will destroy your professional image more than a cheap and worn-out outfit. It shows that you neither care about your dressing sense nor want to invest in quality. People who take their work and image seriously always prefer quality over quantity. 

They do not purchase loads of items that lose shape in a few years, rather, they buy a few pieces made of high-quality fabric like Pima cotton. Clothing made of such materials lasts for years and looks better. So always prioritise quality when you go out for shopping. 

Take Care of Your Grooming Needs

Just dressing well won’t be enough when your professional image is on the line. No one likes talking to people with messy hair, big nails, and an untidy beard. Create a routine where you take care of all your grooming needs. If you’re too busy on the weekdays, do it on the weekends. For instance, a proper grooming routine will include:

  • Getting haircuts (every two or three weeks)
  • Trimming nails (every week)
  • Trimming beard (every week)
  • Trimming nose and ear hairs if you have them (every week)

Additionally, don’t forget daily things like showering, skin care, applying deodorant and perfume, using shampoo (once every 3 days) and styling your hair. Doing this will ensure you always look your best without going overboard.

Wrapping Up

Looking your best at work is not just about wearing the best clothes. It’s about being confident and open to change. But it all starts with making the right clothing choices. Once you learn the art of professional dressing, it’s more than likely that people will view you as a professional man who takes himself seriously.

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