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Is it really that good for you? Carlie finds out…


Lucky me got to chat with Sabrina, owner and creator of Teeth Whitening Perth and Flora Organica, the one-year young online beauty store for natural and organic skin and teeth whitening brands. We’ve heard a lot about ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ skincare products but, um, are kinda confused by the whole thing. So we asked her to give us the lowdown on what it all means. Here we go, Pinkettes…

Hi Sabrina! First up, why did you start Flora Organica?

After a decade as a professional dancer, I was riddled with injuries and various health issues. I turned to yoga to help heal my body and ended up embracing the holistically healthy lifestyle.

I became a lot more aware of what I was eating, as well the products I was using on my body. As I began to educate myself about health and disease I was horrified to learn about the amount of toxic chemicals I was exposing myself to, especially in the products I was using to make me look good! (My mother worked in the cosmetics industry for over 30 years so I had always had products around me when I was growing up. I am not ashamed to admit I am a beauty product junkie!)

I began learning about all these amazing companies around the world combining scientific research with natural and organic ingredients to create products that are actually good for you. I was so disappointed that many of them were not available in Australia, or hard to find if they were, so I decided to start my own online store so everyone could easily buy them.

So why do you think natural products are better?

The reason they’re so good for you is because your body easily recognises the natural ingredients and can easily assimilate them into your system so they actually do you good.

What about haircare? Do natural shampoos actually work?

You can ALWAYS find a natural or organic product that is as good, if not better, than the toxic commercial ones on the market.
For colour treating hair my budget product advice would be to use organic coconut oil like the Indah one I stock. Wash your hair, take a few tablespoons and cover your hair, leave overnight and wash out in the morning (I advise putting a towel on your pillow).
If you want to go for a luxury treatment then the Omega 9 Hair mask by cult brand Rahua is A-mazing!

If we want to go down the ‘natural’ path, is there anything we should look out for?

Educate yourself about the products you are using and what ingredients you should avoid and why. Not all products that label themselves ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ these days are good for you. So many of the big brands have jumped on the band wagon and are falsely advertising their products so it can be very confusing.

On Flora Organica I have an ingredients policy so you know when you buy from my store you are buying products that really are non toxic and good for you.

Talk us though your skincare regime…

My skin regime changes with every season and it really depends on how much time I have. As it is getting colder my skin needs a little extra nourishment and TLC.

My mornings can start one of two ways: Zen or Panic. Zen is when I jump out of bed bright eyed and ready to seize the day; however more often than not it’s Panic. Panic is when I hit the snooze button more times than I care to remember and in a whirlwind of destruction (as my boyfriend likes to call it) I try and resemble my Zen state only FASTER.